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what resources or professionals should i consult if im unsure about my chickens health
Chicken Health Maintenance

What Resources Or Professionals Should I Consult If I’m Unsure About My Chickens’ Health?

Need help with your chickens' health? Consult avian veterinarians, exotic animal veterinarians, and livestock veterinarians for expert guidance. Local agriculture extension offices, extension agents, farmer associations, and online resources are also valuable sources of information. Additionally, reach out to local poultry breeders, hatcheries, government agricultural departments, veterinary diagnostic laboratories, poultry health consultants, poultry nutritionists, and poultry industry associations. Don't hesitate to seek advice from faculty experts in poultry at agricultural schools or veterinary schools as well. Keep your flock happy and healthy with the right resources!
how do i maintain a clean and sanitary coop to prevent health issues
Chicken Health Maintenance

How Do I Maintain A Clean And Sanitary Coop To Prevent Health Issues?

Maintain a clean and sanitary chicken coop to prevent health issues. Follow these tips for proper cleaning, waste management, ventilation, and pest control. Prioritize hygiene, monitor chicken behavior, and establish a coop biosecurity plan. Ensure clean bedding, water, and feed, and promote chicken exercise and health. Manage manure and address odor issues for a healthy coop environment.